Shortlisted Charities

The Society for the Assistance of Medical Families

Call: 07894 299755

An addiction to pain medication threatened to destroy my life and family. On the long road to recovery the society helped me financially to rebuild and resume my career.

The Society helped when I was paralysed after a car accident. Their contribution to the home adaptations have made life much easier

My husband was killed in a road accident leaving my girls and me distraught. We had no insurance and we had to wait nearly four years for compensation. In the interim both my daughters embarked on training to be doctors with the help of the Society.

After a few years of practicing medicine it became clear that I was unable to cope with the stress of the job. With the help of the Society I was able to re-train as a Pilates instructor and now have my own business

The Society exists to help doctors and their families in times of need.

Originally titled The Society for Relief of Widows and Orphans of Medical Men. When it was founded there were no state benefits and only the poor house awaited those who had been left destitute. The membership grew and at one time quite a number of the membership applied for grants. However over the years the funds grew and during the 1980s changes were made which enabled the Society to assist those medical families in need who had not been members.

Very recently the decision was made to change the name of the Society to reflect the role we now play in our sector.

How the charity helps

  • Single grants either paid directly or to a third party
  • Help with unexpected bills
  • Awards for special equipment for disability, which is not covered by state payments
  • Payments to Money Advisor
  • Financial Assistance for courses or examinations to further career or for retraining after a career break
  • Student awards whilst at University
  • Awards to help pay for therapy not covered by NHS

Who can apply

Doctors and their dependants

Application process

  1. Contact with Secretary to check eligibility.
  2. Completion of detailed application with supporting documentation.
  3. Personal visit from Secretary where feasible.
  4. Consideration of application by Court of Directors at quarterly meeting.
For additional information please contact
The Society for the Assistance of Medical Families

Call: 07894 299755