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I can only hope that my health remains stable...the financial support has been very much appreciated and I really hope that you may continue to support me whilst I try and find my feet at work.

A massive THANK YOU for all your help & support...Wonderful gestures that have kept me going in a difficult year.

We are incredibly grateful for all of the assistance you provided for us, it kept the roof over our heads, food on the table, clothed the children an enabled us to remain together in a safe warm environment.

I remain indebted to the Cameron Fund for making me smile and start living like a human being again.

The Cameron Fund is the only medical benevolent charity which solely supports General Practitioners and their dependants. We are ‘the GPs’ own charity’.

  1. We provide support to GPs and their families in times of need.
  2. We help those suffering from financial hardship and those who are facing it.
  3. We contribute to living expenses, professional subscriptions, retraining costs, minor property repairs and other essential expenditure.

How the charity helps

  • Single grants, either paid directly or to a third party
  • Regular grants towards essential monthly expenditure
  • Secured Loans to pay for large unforeseen expenditure, such as emergency home repairs
  • Retraining Loans (with a guarantor)
  • Money Advice
  • Career Coaching

Who can apply

  • We help GPs, and former GPs, as well as GP Trainees who can show satisfactorily progress on a specialty training programme for general practice.

  • We also help the dependants of GPs and former GPs.

Application process

Applications are welcome from, or on behalf of, present or former GPs, their families and dependants. We also welcome referrals from Local Medical Committees and other organisations or individuals who may know of someone who might benefit from support from us.

The Cameron Fund Council of Management meet quarterly to consider applications for assistance. If financial support is urgently required between meetings, the Chair of Trustees is asked to authorise an award.

For additional information please contact
The Cameron Fund