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“We are extremely grateful to the RMF for the award granted towards our son’s school fees. It has made all the difference that he was able to remain at a school that meets his special needs. He continues to be happy and is making very good progress”

“My wife and I would like to thank your Board of Trustees most sincerely for the generous financial support. It is quite wonderful to have the fridge fuller and to have the extra finance to spend on fruit and vegetables for our children.”

“Many thanks to the RMF for your kindness and generosity. The monthly pension is gratefully received and gives me peace of mind knowing that I am not alone in my advanced years.”

About The Royal Medical Foundation

The Royal Medical Foundation is a charity founded by Dr John Propert in 1855 and administered by Act of Parliament. Its original objects were to provide an asylum for qualified medical practitioners and their spouses and to found a school for their sons.

Today the Foundation is a Registered National Charity and a Company Limited by Guarantee. It is managed by a board of Directors drawn from various professions and is located at Epsom College.

How the charity helps

  1. Regular grants
  2. Single grants usually paid to a third party
  3. Assistance with education costs to enable sons/daughters of registered doctors to maintain educational stability at times of distress caused by illness, bereavement or financial need in their family.

Who can apply

  1. A doctor who is, or has been, GMC registered; or
  2. a dependant of a doctor who is, or has been, GMC registered; or
  3. a doctor qualified outside the UK who is currently GMC registered and has been working in the UK for 3 years prior to applying.

Application process

  1. Completion of brief initial online application to check eligibility.
  2. Completion of detailed application with supporting documentation.
  3. Personal visit from RMF Caseworker or Administrator.
  4. Decision by Trustees in General meeting.
For additional information please contact
Royal Medical Foundation

Call: 01372 821010