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For any doctor who has been left needing support to provide for themselves or loved ones, our organisations – known as ‘benevolent funds’ – are some of the few places to turn to for financial help.

Our focus is our common aim – to help doctors and their families put their lives back together. By offering essential financial support to cover everyday and professional expenses during difficult times, we are making a real difference to those who need it most.

Help me, I’m a doctor (doctorshelp.org.uk) is the joint venture of the five medical charities: BMA Charities, The Cameron Fund, The Royal Medical Foundation, The Royal Medical Benevolent Fund and The Society for the Assistance of Medical Families and was originally funded with the help of NHS England.

Each charity has its own eligibility criteria and offer different kinds of support. Depending on your current position and the type of financial support you are asking for, by using our simple questionnaire you will find out which charity (or charities) may be able to offer you the help you are looking for. All enquiries are made in the strictest confidence.

We are keen that all doctors know of our existence. If you know a colleague who is struggling to cope, please mention us to them. If you are a doctor (or the dependent family of a doctor) experiencing financial hardship yourself do please get in touch.

Just remember it’s

"‘Help me, I’m a doctor’ or ‘doctorshelp.org.uk’"

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